Letters to the Editor — Johnson City Press

Last week, the Johnson City Press asked its readers to share their opinions about selling wine in retail food stores. To date, the newspaper has published eight responses. We’ll let you decide which side came out the winner.




4 Responses to “Letters to the Editor — Johnson City Press”

  1. Jennifer McClure Says:

    I find it very interesting that the one against is from Memphis, while the ones that are for it all seem to be from the Johnson City area…

  2. Thomas Says:

    Jennifer, that’s because he’s a shill who owns a liquor store in Memphis & is on the Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association board of directors (or was in 2009 at least): http://www.twsra.com/boardlinks.html

  3. Jeff M Says:

    Good catch Thomas. Bob just wants his pockets filled with more cash.

    If you poll the TN public, the percentage of those wanting wine carried in grocery stores is significantly higher (based on various articles/polls I have read in the past year or so)

  4. Martine Says:

    Dear Editor, We would like to invite you to a Disability Rights Symposium but unfortunately we cannot get hold of anybody. I would so appreciate it if you could leave an email address or contact number for me so that I can forward you the invitation to our function.
    Kind regards

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