Wine and milk do mix

In case you haven’t seen this, it’s another one of the postcards from the opponents of wine in food stores.

We’ll go on record as agreeing with them that wine and milk do not mix into a good drink. That would be awful. Just awful.

We’ll also disagree. The mixing of wine and milk in a business sense has happened successfully in many other states — 33 to be exact. And, this lethal concoction has  occurred without eliminating all the liquor store jobs as our opponents claim would happen in Tennessee.

So, maybe, wine and milk do mix. Most Tennesseans think it’s a good idea to try.


4 Responses to “Wine and milk do mix”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Part of the message is that retailers in Tennessee have a strict duty to turn away persons who are intoxicated. This may not sit well with those who want certain wine products sold in gas stations.

    See that toddler? The tobacco companies used to view that child as a
    “future customer” – they still do in Asia and other parts of the world. Entire ad campaigns were created to supply the tobacco industry with its new customers.

    As far as “Most Tennesseans” – can you back that up? Next time your at a hearing in Nashville, bring your data that proves “Most Tennesseans”. I’m sure everyone would love to see it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s already shown that the way you worded the survey was misleading because it did not include gas stations. You would have gotten a different result, but instead of rewording it , you deliberately omit the facts so you would get the response you wanted.

    Experienced people know this sort of thing.

  3. Says:

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