This guy knows his stuff

Jerry Ellig paid his own way to testify (in favor) at a hearing last December about wine in food stores. He is an expert on government regulation and helped draft the Federal Trade Commission’s opinion in support of direct shipment of wine.

Jerry was a recent guest on a recent Inside State and Local Policy podcast. The topic was wine in food stores and the impact on consumers.

Listen to the Inside State and Local podcast with Jerry Ellig


Jerry outlined three ways the current system hurts consumers.

First, retailers who have government-sanctioned monopolies can charge higher prices.

Second, retailers have to charge higher prices when their stores are limited to few items  as is the case in Tennessee.

And third, consumer pay a price when making a separate trip to the package store.


Read Jerry’s testimony from last December. His research team found some interesting results when they studied the prices of wine at Northern Virginia stores. FYI, wine sales are legal in food stores in Virginia.


One Response to “This guy knows his stuff”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A few flaws in the logic here.

    The “experience of other states” would be from data that is at least 26 years old. Not disclosed in the report or on this website.

    The call for complete unrestricted liscensing is not what Tennesseans want – they want control alcohol to by tight and subjected to as much local regulation as possible.

    The people who voted in a referendum for wine and liquor to be sold within their cities did NOT vote for wine and liquor in grocery stores and gas stations.

    Old data, misleading statements, half-truths… just another day in the life of “Red White and Food”.

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