Without exception

In terms of wine sales, states fall into one of two categories:

  • Open states where wholesaling and liquor stores are private businesses.
  • Control states where the state government controls wholesaling and/or the liquor the stores.

There are 32 open states and 18 control states. Tennessee is an open state, so we’ll drop the control states for purposes of our comparison.

Of the 32 open states, 19 allow wine to be sold in food stores. So 19 of the 32 states with private liquor stores and wholesaling like Tennessee allow wine in food stores.

How many of those states still have liquor stores?

All 19.

Without exception, every open state that allows wine in food stores also has liquor stores. Allowing wine in food stores has never decimated private liquor stores.

P.S. We’ll hazard a guess — and this is just a guess — that 75 percent of those stores are located next to or within 100 yards of a grocery store.


One Response to “Without exception”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Again you are posting only of the fact that a liquor store is open, and not of the economic impact the store makes.

    Many licenscees focus on wine sales, and not just the boutique wines that require personalized service and staff recomendations, but the big brands that bring in steady income and profits. Putting the big steady selling wine brands in grocery stores would hurt local licensees, perhaps to the point of bankrupting them. The resulting loss of in-state income would “trickle-down”. GDP shrink and an eroded tax base would result. This is econ 101. That is why no state has done this since 1984.

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