More choice for moms

A postcard created by opponents of wine in food stores

The postcard above was created by the opponents of Red White and Food. It shows a mom in a grocery store with a small child in the cart and asks, “Is this what we want for Tennessee?”

Well, we do know that nearly two-thirds of Tennesseans support this change. We can’t help but think that a few of them are moms who want choices they don’t have right now.

If mom wants a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner, she can’t buy it in a food store. Here are the options she has under our current liquor laws:

1) She can take Tommy into the liquor store. If viewing a bottle of wine causes Tommy to form an immediate desire for it then a liquor store is the last place on Earth he should be. And what would he be like if he saw liquor?

2) She can leave Tommy in the car outside the liquor store while she goes inside. Not an option.

3a) She can return home, hire a babysitter, drive to the liquor store for wine, and then drive back home. The cost of that bottle of wine now includes the babysitter, gas, miles on the car, etc.

3b) She can watch Tommy while her spouse goes to the liquor store. Assuming she’s married.

3c) She can ask a relative to watch Tommy while she goes to the liquor store.

4) She can ask her spouse or another family member to purchase it. What if she has no spouse nor family in town?

5a) She can ask a friend to buy it and bring it to her house. As if the friend has nothing better to do.

5b)  She can ask a friend to meet her at the liquor store, buy the wine she wants and bring it out to her car. See 5a.

6)  She can order wine from out-of-state vineyards and have it delivered to her house. The choices are now very limited. And all of that revenue goes to a company with out-of-state operations. Don’t liquor stores object to that as well?

7)  She can just not drink altogether. We’ll let others debate morality; they are certainly not shy about sharing their opinions.

These 10 options lead us to two questions:

1) What did we miss?

2) Why should moms have to make choices or sacrifices when all she wants is a bottle of wine with dinner?


4 Responses to “More choice for moms”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    You keep saying “Mommy wants to buy a bottle of wine with dinner” without mentioning the fact that most new liscensees created would be gas stations. This is what your own data says.

    Hello Cisco, Boone’s Farm, Thunderbird, Wild Irish Rose, Buckfast, MD 20/20, and all the other BUM WINES. Besides lottery tickets and cigarettes now mommy will have to wait at the gas station behind winos.

    We have enough “Thug Culture” in TN as it is.

  2. Burke Says:

    Hmmm, and what prevents people from buying that bum wine currently at Liquor Stores? Um, nothing. Liquor stores can elect to sell it, and i’m sure many, many, many do.

  3. anonymous Says:

    That is not a reason to put wine in gas stations. I already agree that bum drinkers are a problem.

    The legislation proposed is misguided because it would make the problem of street drinking and “travelling” persons worse for every city in Tennessee.

    FWIW, many, many, many liscensees in Tennessee are very careful about who they sell to. There businesses depend on it. But gas stations are continuing to stock shelves with higher-proof beers, because they see higher profits in it. Wine in gas stations is not a good idea.

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