Liquor stores try to justify themselves

The Tennessean published a letter to the editor from a person who appears to own a liquor store. It’s the same song and dance that food stores will be irresponsible with sale.

Don’t forget to check the comments. They are least 15 to 1 in favor of allowing wine in food stores, including this gem:

“Wow, I grew up in Virginia. My mom would buy wine at the Safeway, A&P, and other grocery stores that were allowed to sell wine. I did not know she put me in such danger.”


11 Responses to “Liquor stores try to justify themselves”

  1. Axel Faederholdt Says:

    Most States in the USA sell wine in grocery stores. I find that TN is far
    behind in the modern times. It is much more convenient to be able to
    purchase a bottle of wine near where you live, then to have to drive far
    in order to get a bottle of wine. Why is there such a big issue on not being
    able to get wine in a local grocery store. When you stay home after the purchase and enjoy some wine with your meal, what seems to be the problem?
    This is ridiculous not having wine in grocery stores. Florida has it, as so
    many other grocery stores.

  2. George Kinnard Says:

    Dear Readers,

    Working for resturants most of my adult life, I find that pairing wine with entree’s enhances the taste of food served at the resturants that I have worked for in the past and present. My opinion on this subject is that it only makes sense to be able to purchase the wine at a grocery store while selecting meals for the week, day, or the special occassion. This would save time, fuel, and travel time and while the thought process of those dinners are fresh in mind, choosing a good wine to pair with those meals while shopping for food would be very convenient. I agree that this state, my home state is way behind the times and until the citizens of this state decide to get rid of the prehistoric thoughts and decide to move forward, this state will never grow and florish like our sister states. This is totally my opinion and I stand behind it 100%.

    George Kinnard
    Knoxville, TN

    • redwhiteandfood Says:

      And we support you 100%. People like yourself who understand the pairing should have the choice of buying wine where they buy food. And then there are the people who want some help with pairings. They will go to the liquor store for advice. That’s why the liquor stores with great customer service will having nothing to worry about.

  3. Axel Faederholdt Says:

    I definately agree with
    George Kinnard’s email of Knoxville, TN. The letter is very well written.
    We are in prehistoric times and behind with this and so many other things.
    Another thing I have noticed is that there is no smoked Kippered Herring
    by Kipling Company. Packaged potato dumplings, neither. Just to name
    a few.
    Let’s get going with the wine in the grocery stores. A glass of red wine or
    two is very good for the heart. On the TV Dr. show, this was talked about.
    Some people do not have cars to commute to a liquor store, others are
    handicapped and cannot commute as they would like.easily. We are in the
    year 2010 not in the 1700ths.
    Axel Faederholdt

  4. axel faederholdt Says:

    George Kinnard of Knoxville, TN. Your letter is very well written.
    This State is far behind in this modern era of 2010.
    Would also like to see smoked herring by kipling in the grocery stores.
    TN is also missing proper Delicatessen stores that carry European Products.
    Market place has very minimal products. California, Florida and New York
    far ahead of us.
    Let’s get modernized, here in Tennessee, let’s start with the wine in
    grocery stores.

  5. Lindsey Says:

    When I moved to TN 8 years ago, I made a lovely pasta and went to the grocery on Sunday to buy a bottle of red. I ate my pasta sans vino that night. Now, I live in Chatt and work in GA… and I shop for grocerys in GA to get my wine with the meal I plan.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s a shame our great state is missing out on taxable revenue.

    • redwhiteandfood Says:

      We couldn’t agree more about making Tennessee better. Just to be clear, there still wouldn’t be Sunday sales because liquor stores are not allowed to be open on Sunday. Our stores would follow the same limits on hours and days for the sale of wine.

  6. Mr. Mack Says:

    I can find this out on my own, but maybe I’m not the only one who is curious…

    In my County, liquor stores are not allowed to advertise. If they made a deal on a bulk purchase and want to alert consumers, they can only advertise that fact insidetheir store. Is this a State law? (I don’t subscribe to the Thinnisean, so I haven’t seen print ads in awhile)

  7. Mr. Mack Says:

    I’ve just been informed that it is not the case. Apologies. Rural legend, it seems.

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