Liquor store heroes. Hold on, did we really say that?

There must be something in the water in Chattanooga. No wonder Georgia wanted to steal it.

Now that it’s official Costco is coming to Catoosa County, local businesses and customers are reacting.  Besides offering products in bulk, the store will also sell wine by the case.

We talked with the owners of three liquor stores in Brainerd, and they all said they weren’t worried about losing business to Costco.  They hope loyalty and location will keep their customers in Tennessee.

Steve Gilbert is sure his wines will keep selling well, despite the news that Costco is moving in just minutes away.  He says the selection and service at Dodge City Liquors in Brainerd will win out with customers.  “We have service, they won’t, we have selection, they won’t.  We probably have 150 different chardonnays, 100 merlots, the grocery stores aren’t going to have those.”

Read the entire News Channel 9 story.


One Response to “Liquor store heroes. Hold on, did we really say that?”

  1. Cool Springs Says:

    The next Costco in Nashville will either be in Hendersonville or Mt. Juliet.

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