Another editorial in favor

We lost count of our positive editorials some time ago. Let’s just say every major newspaper in the state has supported selling wine in food stores. And, in some cases, we’ve had multiple editorials. The latest is courtesy of the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle. Here’s a quick excerpt:

This all comes down to a basic issue. The state shouldn’t be in the business of protecting businesses from competition. Grocery stores shouldn’t be restricted on wine sales, and liquor stores should be allowed to sell the mixers and other items whose sales would contribute to their bottom lines.

We’ll toast to that.


4 Responses to “Another editorial in favor”

  1. CoolSprings TN Says:

    Wine being sold in Tennessee stores is a done deal. As more time goes on it just seems more likely that it is going to happen. The good ole boy system is about to be bucked by the fine wine drinkers of Tennessee.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If what you say is true, then the fine wine drinkers of Tennessee will have to get used to a few things.

    Delivery costs will soar – and quickly. Meaning higher prices at EVERY store, and restaurants as well.

    Teenagers will be the new wine workers.

    Selection will DECREASE in favor of grocery “private labels” – basically box wine in bottles with meaningless labels. The other wines carried will be dictated from a list of the top 50 movers in the US. Local stores selections will be paired way down as they can longer invest in expensive slow-moving items. Many will begin to cease operations. Most will lay off workers and managers. Prices of liquor will go up- WAY UP.
    There will be LESS COMPETITION IN THE MARKET as the largest grocery stores buy up the market and less locals apply for liscenses. Eventually the local stores will close and the resulting market will be an oligopoly – a few major sellers with no real reason to compete on price.

    “Fine wine drinkers” are better off with a local system that can bend in their favor – not an outsourced oligopoly.

  3. PapaW Says:

    I have been in states that allow wine sales in grocery stores and those that don’t – the only price difference that I noticed is related to location, (the beach vs. a town with “less” attractions). Regardless, all seemed to have thriving package stores and grocery stores – no boarded up store fronts and “gone out of business” signs. Each had equally good selection and volume. True, the grocery stores seem to cater to more “household brands” but we were still able to bring home affordable – drinkable wine.

    It would be nice to be able to ship wine into my state as well. But that IS expensive (about $35 per case shipping and handling) based on some WINDOWS shopping I have done recently.

    I do want to mention that I will buy locally when ever I can – I usually shop internet only if I can’t buy what I need/want locally.

    Time for Tennessee to join the 21st century and let merchants be merchants.

    IMHO – Papa

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