Gettin’ feisty in Memphis

A couple of dueling letters to the editor from this week in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Obviously, we favor the second one.

Letters: The numbers tell a different story

Letters: In a state of denial over beer


One Response to “Gettin’ feisty in Memphis”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    “The difference in the proof is, unfortunately, not that important.”

    Who knew?

    “In states where grocery stores can sell wine and spirits and liquor stores can sell snacks and wine glasses, both do a good business.”

    Another omnipotent, omniscient Red White and Food member, an obvious expert in business and economics. At least she didn’t use the word “thrive”.

    “Just because a 16-year-old can’t get vodka doesn’t mean she won’t sneak her parents’ beer”

    In other words, teenage girls are going to “sneak” the highest proof alcohol they can. So why try to keep them from it? You’re not going to succeed any way. (That’s my favorite argument of the Red White and Food astro-group. So far.)

    “…yet more proof that willfully ignorant people have no business making decisions for the rest of us.”

    Our representatives in Nashville should take that one to heart. The truth is that this email demonstrates that there is considerable peril in repealing Tennessee’s alcohol control laws, as well as gives insight into the demographic makeup of Red White and Food’s “membership”.

    I’m suprised you actually drew attention to it.

    (Counting the days until you remove this post! Don’t worry, I printed a few copies.)

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