We’re back

The Red White and Food campaign is back. 2010 is Round Three of the battle to give Tennessee consumers the choice of buying wine in Tennessee food stores.

Here’s what’s happening with the campaign:

  • Tons of members. Red White and Food now has more than 22,000 members. These are Tennessee consumers who want to ability to buy wine where they buy food. At this time in 2009, the campaign had 3,500 members. We are grateful to everyone who has joined the campaign and showed support.
  • New legislation. We have three pieces of legislation this year:
    • SB 3577/HB 2948 would allow localities to have public referendums on wine sales. We’ll blog a lot more about this bill next week. This bill is new in 2010.
    • SB 3576/HB 3003 would allow Tennessee wineries to sell directly to food stores. This bill is also new.
    • SB 120/HB 1158 would create a statewide license allowing food stores to sell wine. This is the same legislation we have proposed the last two years.
  • New signs in grocery stores. You’ve probably noticed the new signs in more than 200 grocery stores across the state. Our membership has grown by 1,500 since we unveiled the new signs in December. We expect the signs to stay out all year.
  • Email-a-palooza. Contacting legislators is the single most important action any supporter can take. Thanks to our new GetActive system, it’s easy for consumers to find their two legislators (everybody has one Senator and one Representative) and send them an e-mail. It takes just minutes. Last month, members sent more than 3,000 e-mails to legislators asking them to support the sales of wine in food stores.

Consumer support is our best path to victory. Just compare the Red White and Food Facebook page with our opponents’ page. We have more than 7,000 group members. They are trying to get to 500.

We plan to blog several times a week throughout the session.

Thanks again to everyone for their support. We look forward to your comments.

And, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


2 Responses to “We’re back”

  1. Tom Moskal Says:

    May I have the name of the representative who is on the ground in the western part of Nashville/Davidson County working as a grass roots effort to bring the legislation change details to the constituants/voters. I have seen a few fliers here and there. Is the campaign mainly email and postal cards?

    Contact me at the number listed below.

    Tom Moskal

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The number of emails sent to representatives isn’t important. Imagine if Tennessee set speed limits by email.

    What about an email campaign to lower the drinking age? You would get a lot emails, but I doubt any laws would change.

    Alcohol isn’t something that should be regulated based on email volume. Most people who are against this legislation don’t want to pester the representatives with repetive emails, but what about the “supporters” – who don’t really have all the facts? Are they limited in the number of emails they can send? (That WAS a question.)

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