You don’t say

From a WATE interview with an employee at University Liquor near the University of Tennessee campus.

[The employee] also says if wine is allowed in supermarkets, then liquor stores will have to work harder to keep customers.

“They would obviously have to lower prices and get bigger selections,” [the employee] explains.

And why are these things bad?


4 Responses to “You don’t say”

  1. oneparticularkitchen Says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake.

  2. andy Says:

    I recall that it was the owner of Kampas Liquor Store who headed up the “citizens group” to keep Blount County dry! His store was located close to the county line, and naturally he wanted to keep up his business. I’m sure it wasn’t his business those citizens were signing up to support!

    It is certainly understandable that these folks would want to protect their profits, but is that really reason enough for the state to keep the status quo? After all, perhaps this could result in more wine sales, thus helping the state coffers. It makes no sense to me that beer can be sold, but not wine.

  3. wendy Says:

    That is ridiculous. There is no movement to put liquor in grocery stores and I’m certain states that allow wine sales in grocery stores have liquor stores that are thriving.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    UPDATE – Kampas Liquor Store mentioned above has announced they are closing. The reason is obvious, the competition in Blount
    County has destroyed his business. This is proof that Red, White & Blue lobbiests are dead wrong about two things:

    1) People who say the same won’t happen if wine sales are turned over to the out-of-state grocery families are grossly mistaken.

    2) The same people who say that Tennessee beverage stores enjoy “monopoly” profits are a little off on their truthiness.

    The real truth is that Red White & Food is an astroturf project financed by billion-dollar families who don’t care about the middle class in Tennessee. Or the poor.

    Isn’t it about time the United States stopped letting this happen? There’s more at stake than just public safety. We have to consider that Tennessee’s GDP will shrink, that is, our tax base will erode if this silly legislation gets passed.

    Think about the message that will be sent – out of state families matter more than the ones who live in Tennessee to certain lawmakers. And the old adage that “He who has the gold makes all the rules” will prove true.

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