5,000 Red White and Food Members

It’s official. More than 5,000 Tennesseans have joined Red White and Food to show their support for wine in retail food stores. That’s more than double the number of members from this time last year. Expect that number to grow significantly in coming days. Thanks to all our great supporters.

And, our Facebook group is nearing 3,000 members as well. Awesome.


4 Responses to “5,000 Red White and Food Members”

  1. bendovertonto Says:

    Re: This morning’s Talk of The Town

    It could have not been more evident this morning how well the Liquor store owners and wholesalers play the victim. When discussing the products Mr. Quillman’s store can sell, he boldly stated that he can only sell wine and liquor. He stated liquor stores had no desire to sell anything else. In another statement he complained that the cheaper bottles of wine are his bread & butter and that they would rather sell these bottles than the specialty bottles.

    Considering that there is a proposed amendment to allow beer sales in liqour stores, I wonder if this man would even fight for this ability. Remember, he already said he doesn’t want to sell anything else??? These owners seem to be quite mired by their own stonewalling tactics. Play it up guys – you look pathetic.

  2. Hilarious Says:

    What Mr. Quillman was pointing out was the fact that liscensed alcohol sellers only have one type of product – high alcohol beverages. A person entering the store has no reason to be there unless they wish to purchase a high alcohol beverage, and unless they are old enough. Ice, diapers, cold medicine, cups, corkscrews, cigarettes, turkey basters, charcoal, school supplies, frozen dinners, there’s definatley a place for those things. But it’s not a wine & spirits store. The argument that beer is sold in grocery stores so “Why not wine” doesn’t count because wine is high-alcohol. Even beers with over 6.0 abv cannot be sold in grocery stores and gas stations – just liscensed high-alcohol stores. This has been Tennessee’s formula for years, and at least from a statistical perspective, it works.

  3. smakins Says:

    In regarding “hilarious says,” if this is Tennessee’s formula then Tennessee is hypocritical. When was the last time you looked down the beverage aisle in a grocery store? There is a wide variety of beer and wine coolers ( all are low abv) as well as mixers available for high alcohol drinks ie. margeritas, mohitos, etc. If the standard for TN is to not allow high alcohol content in grocery stores, then why would it allow something that requires a specific high alcohol ingredient to consume it? Either stay consisitent or allow the sell.

  4. Hilarious Says:

    You are mistaken that mixers are required to consume higher alcohol beverages such as liquor and wine. That has never been true in the many thousands of years wine has been made.

    Gas stations, if allowed by the short-sighted legislation the grocery lobby is proposing (you are reading their website) would be allowed to sell ice cold bottles of Buckfast (375ml flask bottle packaging) as well a Cisco (18% alcohol) because they are wine products. That is the simple answer to “why not wine”.

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