Just Something To Think About

No state has ever reversed course after allowing wine sales in retail food stores. Wouldn’t at least one state have repealed the change if it had such a dramatic impact on retail package stores? We’re just saying…


2 Responses to “Just Something To Think About”

  1. JC Bowman Says:

    That is exactly right. I would also love to send a few of my associates some fine Tennessee wine not risk jail or a fine. We need to end Prohibition Era policies on the sale of alcohol. Tax it fairly and appropriately. Good point Joe. –JC

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In reality, wine is prohibited in this state, specifically to persons under the age of 21. UPS, Fed Ex, and other couriers are not required to hire persons over 21. Should the minimum age of consumption change back to 18, there would be less of an issue with wine shipping. But thus far no proposed legislation correctly addresses this fact.

    People alive today, who don’t read history, may not be aware that prohibition happened for a reason, specifically because voters across the USA wanted it. It was repealled because it created a highly profitable, illegal controlled substance – this led to more crime.

    The centrist, “middle of the road” policies of Tennessee are desinged to address all of the issues that happened during and since prohibition. They have, thus far, created an environment that is efficient for buyers, sellers, and of course government. By keeping sales local, and under rigerous control, Tennessee insures the profits will be reinvested here, creating jobs and investment. And the economic contribution of the local liscencees provides economic stability for the state, in good times and bad. It is this stable economy that so often attracts new residents and businesses from other states.

    OK, school’s out!

    Thanks again to Red, White & Food for providing this forum to the people of Tennessee!

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