Do we invoke the mercy rule?

Daily newspapers serve many purposes. They inform. They entertain. And, they opine on issues important to their readers.

We’ve put together a chart of the top 10 daily newspapers in Tennessee. The first column shows the newspaper name. The second indicates whether that newspaper has published an editorial favoring our side. The last column shows whether it has published an editorial favoring the opposition.

Editorials about wine in retail food stores
(* indicates multiple editorials)

Publication Supports

Red White and Food


The Opposition

1. The Tennessean (Nashville) Yes  
2. Memphis Commercial Appeal


3. Knoxville News Sentinel Yes  
4. Times Free Press (Chattanooga)

5. Kingsport Times-News Yes  
6. Bristol Herald Courier Yes  
7. The Jackson Sun

8. Johnson City Press  
9. The Daily Times (Maryville)  
10. The Leaf Chronicle (Clarksville) Yes  




**The Daily New Journal has published two editorials in favor.

Editorial writers have the luxury of focusing on the bigger picture and more time to put their thoughts on paper.

In each of the cases above, they have weighed the many issues and deliberated the pros and cons.

And, in each of the cases above, they have supported wine sales in retail food stores.

We’re not fooling ourselves. We know this isn’t Little League baseball; it’s big league politics. But prevailing opinion should count for something.


One Response to “Do we invoke the mercy rule?”

  1. rr skillern Says:

    wines should be sold in grocery stores. my store is krogers and i would like to get my wine there where i get my grocerys. most of us would. why does tn. have to be so backward? we bought wine in n.j. where we lived 30 years ago. who is causing this slow process? are we suppose to have to buy from the liguor store forever? ever store is selling beer, even the guick marts. what is the differance?get real.

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