Sour grapes?

A number of media websites have run polls asking Tennesseans whether they want wine sales in retail food stores. To date, those polls have been overwhelmingly in support of wine.

Two recent polls take a dramatically different course. In a Kingsport Times News poll, wine in retail food stores lost 45/55. Likewise, wine in retail food stores is losing a Johnson City Press poll by 20 points.

One of two things is happening.

We may have seriously underestimated our support in East Tennessee. That’s doubtful because both these communities are near Virginia and North Carolina — two states that allow wine sales in retail food stores. We know that shoppers frequently travel across state lines to shop, with wine sales being one of the reasons.

The other possibility is that someone (COUGH! Our opponents! COUGH!) is manipulating the polls. They’re probably tired of such lopsided results. Here’s why we are suspicious:

  • Anyone could vote in either poll as many times as they like if they disabled cookies in their browser.
  • The Times News poll had 2,100 votes — 600 more than any previous poll the newspaper had taken.
  • The Times News poll had 600 votes between 9 p.m. and midnight EST the one day the poll was open.

The Johnson City Press poll had a similar number of voters.

Red White and Food has encouraged our members to vote in polls before. We have never and will attempt to manipulate a specific poll’s results. This debate deserves honesty and transparency. We are pretty sure someone on the other side doesn’t share the same principles.


2 Responses to “Sour grapes?”

  1. Bill Kingsley Says:

    In response to your claims about manipulation of the poll. I received an e-mail sent to over 50 of my friends requesting that I vote on your side of this poll. There was no explanation of the issue at hand, just a request for ‘help’. That sounds alot like what you’re accusing the ‘other side’ of doing, doesn’t it?

    • redwhiteandfood Says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the e-mail. We hope you voted in favor of wine sales. We did contact our members in Kingsport and ask them to vote in favor. Perhaps one of them contacted you. We have said from the beginning that transparency is important in this debate. Thanks again for your comment.

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