New key message alert! New key message alert!

Liquor store owners have rolled out a new key message.

Key messages are talking points or headlines you want people to remember and repeat (though not like this).

The store owners’ new key message is that no state since Iowa in 1985 approved wine sales in retail food stores.

Just like a good wine, some ideas take more time to age.

We realize that liquor stores haven’t changed much (by much we mean any) since Prohibition ended 75 years ago. And, liquor stores have made it clear that they don’t want to change.

Thankfully, Tennessee and Tennesseans have made quite a bit of progress since 1933 and even since 1985.

It doesn’t matter which was the last state to make the change or how long ago it happened.

What does matter is that Tennessee consumers want and will benefit from this change. Liquor stores owners still haven’t proven otherwise.


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