and the FTC

We’ve had our issues and differences of opinion with the folks at during the General Assembly session.

Given some time to reflect, that really hasn’t changed.

The website claims to be “an outgrowth of the national We Don’t Serve Teens program, an effort of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).” Its petition asks visitors to register their disapproval of direct shipping of alcohol and the sale of wine in retail food stores.

Here’s the rub: the FTC supports the direct shipment of wine. FTC representatives even testified to Congress in 2003 about the benefits to e-commerce and the lack of evidence about the public safety risks.

The FTC’s We Don’t Serve Teens website makes a number of positive recommendations about preventing teens’ access to alcohol. None have anything to do with marketplace restrictions or protectionism.

So, decide for yourself why would feel it necessary to invoke the FTC’s name.

In the meantime, Red White & Food will continue to be upfront and transparent. Our goal is to give customers the choice and convenience of buying wine in retail food stores. We believe consumers always benefit from more choice and market competition. Red White & Food is supported by the Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association.

Red White & Food’s goals seem perfectly aligned with FTC’s own mission. We’ll conclude this week’s post with some material directly from the FTC’s website:

Competition in America is about price, selection, and service. It benefits consumers by keeping prices low and the quality and choice of goods and services high. Competition makes our economy work.


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