4 for 4

The Tennessean published an editorial today in support of wine sales in retail food stores. This is the fourth editorial in support in the last four weeks. We like those stats.

Here are some highlights:

“Further, the backers of the bill have shown the same commitment to Tennessee’s tough ID law for purchasing beer as do package stores. And when spokesmen for safety organizations ranging from the Metro Nashville Police Department to Mothers Against Drunk Driving say they do not oppose the bill, the wholesalers’ arguments fall flat.”

“The real issue here is competition. Grocers want the opportunity to participate. Beer wholesalers worry that wine will overwhelm their market display space, and liquor wholesalers and merchants don’t want to share their small but lucrative pond with other fish.

Yet, everyone would benefit. Grocers may become the volume sellers, but package stores could rebrand themselves as the place to go for high-end and specialty wines, and still would be the source of all liquor sales.”

Other supporting editorials since the start of the Red White and Food campaign include:

Memphis Commercial Appeal

Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle

TriCites Herald Courier


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