Are the stars aligned for change?

In case you missed it this morning…

The Memphis Commercial Appeal jumped into the fray with “Reason invades debate over wine sales” – an editorial in favor of wine sales in retail food stores.

“Liquor stores in Tennessee have enjoyed a huge advantage over consumers through the protection provided by state law for far too long.

The stars are aligned for this long-delayed demolition of an outmoded approach to wine sales within the borders of Tennessee.”

Jennifer Brooks from the The Tennessean wrote a story touching on the many parties involved in this debate from the wholesalers to the farm wineries to MADD.

“Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said police have no concerns about expanding wine sales into grocery stores, as long as the stores take the same precautions with wine as they do now with beer. Likewise, Mothers Against Drunk Driving state Executive Director Laura Dial said her group sees no public safety risk from grocery wine sales.”

It seems the grassroots effort is also having the desired impact. The following is also from Brooks’ article:

“[Sen. Bill] Ketron said he was startled by just how warm the reception has been to the proposal.

On Wednesday, the day the grocers association kicked off its “Red White and Food” campaign, the halls of the Capitol were flooded with people wearing “Why Not Wine?” stickers. When Ketron checked his e-mail inbox Friday morning, he found 30 new messages thanking him for pushing both the grocery bill and another bill that would allow direct sales of wine to consumers, such as via the mail.”

Are the stars really aligned? Are Tennesseans really ready for this change?

We hope the answer to both questions is an emphatic YES!


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